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The Sun Sign is the sign in which the Sun stood at the time of birth.

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Hindu Vedic astrology is known as jyotish which means the science of light or light of God.

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Indian vedic astrology refers to vedic astrology or Hindu astrology. Indian vedic astrology is based upon date, place and time of birth of a person.



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Indian astrology has persisted interest throughout the centuries, occasionally falling out of favour but always rebounding.

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Numerology starts with your name and birth date.

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You'll recover a glowing physical form; nevertheless, beware of any tendency toward greediness. You'll be able to assert yourself in your professional milieu and achieve some brilliant feats. In love,

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Aries to begin to the month of October Mars is in 3rd, Venus and Mercury are in 5th, Sun and Saturn are in 6th, Jupiter is in 10th, Moon is in 11th in your progression bid. Mars is the planet of stami